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    We are the experts in Business IT you can trust! Do you have any question in Business IT that you could not ask, because you do not know where to start?

    We have group of people who can start ask question together to find your answer. Our experts are not just the IT experts, but all business experts who have been in many different type of business to setup IT infrastructures.

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    About Us

    Like the vast majority of our customers, IT is not the core of your most business.
    The appropriate personal who can handle the problems and issues could not be available in most business, since the business consider its size and the budget available. Trying to resolve all the IT related challenges can become major distraction, and sometimes turning back to you with huge loss on your business.
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    Computer, Server and Network Service

    The highly trained experts in AnaheimSoft specialize in creating and maintaining business computer and network solutions, utilizing technologies such as Microsoft Windows Server products, Dell PC’s and Server Hardware, Symantec Antivirus, Internet Security, and backup solutions.
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    Accounting Software

    Many business owners seek to minimize their headache from understanding accounting jargon or debit/credit accounting. At the same time preparing formal and appropriate level of accounting infrastructure is often too expensive to deal with.
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    AnaheimSoft is an innovative and dynamic E-Business solution provider for all sizes to new digital economy for incremental revenues and business opportunities. Our goal is to deliver the right solution at the appropriate entry point, optimizing resources and most importantly, providing the opportunity of growing business.
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    Customized Programing

    AnaheimSoft's Customized Programing Service is designed to create the effective solutions for specific workflow and business practice requirement. We offer project-based services and development for specific client needs and requirements.


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    EDI Service

    AnaheimSoft provides customized EDI service that offers a comprehensive benefits and advantage of your EDI investment. With AnaheimSoft EDI solution, companies are able to optimize the efficiency, and reliability while reducing costs, infrastructure and overhead. These days, EDI-based supply chain is very common for thousands of companies and has direct impact on profitability. But the staying up-to-date can be very difficult, since the business environment is ever-changing.