About Us

We are the experts in Business IT you can trust!
Do you have any question in Business IT that you could not ask, because you do not know where to start?
We have group of people who can start ask question together to find your answer. Many business owners have questions how to improve their business more effectively and efficiently, but finding right solution, even asking right question is challenging. Our experts are not just the IT experts, but all business experts who have been in many different type of business to setup IT infrastructures. Our effort to overcome those challenges from many different condition have made us more strong knowledge base, not just the technical side, but also the actual business needs in today’s industries.
Like the vast majority of our customers, IT is not the core of your most business. The appropriate personal who can handle the problems and issues could not be available in most business, since the business consider its size and the budget available. Trying to resolve all the IT related challenges can become major distraction, and sometimes turning back to you with huge loss on your business.
Anaheimsoft is your starting point to deal with all those hassle. We can change those hassle to opportunities. Our 20 plus years of experience helping customers address a wide range of issues and projects, such as Network Infrastructures and Security, Disaster Recovery Planning and implementation, Video conferencing and phone systems and much more.